Belgravia Co-Operative Playschool

Welcome to Belgravia Cooperative Playschool!

Welcome to Belgravia Co‐operative Playschool! We are a not‐for‐profit co‐operative school promoting learning through play. We strive to give children the tools to develop their physical, psychological, social and emotional potential, and to foster their confidence to explore the world around them. We recognize that children each progress at their own rate, and therefore endeavour to provide an environment that is both developmentally appropriate for their age group, but also flexible enough to cater to individual needs.

2016-2017 school year
Belgravia Co-operative Playschool is now accepting registrations for three and four years olds for the 2016-2017 school year. Located in the newly renovated Belgravia Hall, the not-for-profit playschool program has been serving the area for more than 40 years.

 are available, or contact 780-200-5496 or for more information.